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4 Special Features


1. The Spirit of Animal Welfare

We have conducted over 100,000 spay and neuter for stray cats and dogs to decrease unfortunate animals due to uncontrolled pregnancy in the wild.

We keep contacting with many animal welfare organization, and provide treatment and/or neutralization especially for stray dogs and cats without any relatives and owners.

At the time of natural disaster such as volcanic eruption of Unzen Fugen Mountain, Hanshin Awaji Earthquake and Sumatra Earthquake, we joined activities to rescue animals who have been strayed by the disasters.


2. More than 10,000 Surgical Operations Every Year

We operate more than 10,000 surgical cases every year. Due to the number of cases we have operated in the past, we have acuumulated experience for surgeries.

Utilizing knowledges we gained from many cases, we treat rapid and acurate operations to different types of diseases. We cover from general surgeries such as spay and neuter to advanced surgeries such as intervertebral disk diseases, urinary tract obstruction, fractures and thoracic/abdominal/subcutaneous tumors.


3. Community based services

We kept providing veterinary services for more than 50 years in Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

We dedicate to community-based services by valuing interaction with patients who come to our hospital for several generations regard.

Please feel free to ask us anything that concerns you.


4. Available in English

We provide English consultation to deal with a wide range of demands from patients who can only speak English. 4 veterinarian, Ikeda, Makita, Watari and Adachi, can offer services in English.

Please check the work shift table on the top page before coming to our hospital if you need English cosultation.

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